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I try to help out with Tacoma's local blog-o-sphere from time to time... doing odd jobs for non-profits and community group's web design needs. Regular contributor to exit133, FeedTacoma.com, and the weekly volcano's Spew... etc. I like grass roots/community projects because I just got so burnt out by the stuffy phony-baloney corporate neck-tie world. Doing work for REAL people gives you warm feelings that leave you satisfied you know?

Ten years ago I was part of a task force helping out with the marketing for Tacoma’s historic Steam Plant No. 2 back when they were still trying to shop it around and think of creative ways of keeping the thing alive. I designed a Steam Plant No. 2 t-shirt that was supposed to appeal to Japanese engineers... weird stuff like that, which I knew would never work. Oh well.

My mother who was never afraid to push me to do things I never really wanted to do. Also people like Mr. Wizard and my grandpa (he's a Mr. Wizard type) who showed me that you can take things apart to perform sneaky uses.

My grandpa Robbie. He is a retired Boeing engineer who taught me the value of repairing things instead of just throwing them away. From him I learned thrifty things like how to collect scraps, junk mail and old computer paper into a clipboard so you can use the back--clean side for writing TO-DO lists and notes. Like him I take everything apart before going in the trash to salvage electronic components, wire, switches, wood… which can be recycled to fix other things, or build new machines for artistic/practical purposes.

I always thought that I would end up being one of those crazy hermits living on a tiny island in Southeast Alaska... czar of my own micro-nation; Eventually becoming some local legend: "See that little green island out there on the strait? Old man Anderson used to live there... they say his ghost haunts the ruins of his turtle farm."

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