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Photo: RR Anderson displays his fondness for a very special TI-81 Calculator

It is 3:30 am when my alarm rings. I get out of bed and shower. Ten minutes later I make my lunch. I don't eat breakfast because I always feel nauseated in the morning. Thinking about food makes it worse. Now I sit in the living room of my dad's house, alone in the dark. I don't turn on the TV because listening to it makes me want to puke. I sit on the sofa all ready to go. It is now 4:30, my stepmother is getting up to drive me to the dock. I have to find a car pool soon so she won't have to wake up so early. It is still dark as we drive out to the dock. No one feels like talking. Once we get to the dock, I am dropped off. I am uncomfortable. The other workers are arriving also. Except for the headlights reflecting off the surfaces of my surroundings, it is dark and cold. Up the ramp is the ship that will take me to work. My boots echo across the steel ramp. I see the artificial Florissant glow of the brightly lit interior of the ship escaping through the plexi-glass windows. I see a variety of people and most of them ignore me, which is fine because I ignore them. I sit hidden in the front of the ship. All the window seats are taken. The vessel takes 45 minutes to get to the site and I begin to space-out. I hear two men talking. One of them is talking about his girlfriend or wife, I don't care. I am sick listening to them. The laughter was the most annoying and disgusting sound I ever heard. I hated everyone. I wanted to get up and kick them in the face... yell at them to shut up.

~ Richard Ryan Anderson, 1998

UFO Cartoonist Experience

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Ryan's first professional comic strip experience was realized in 1992 (age 13) with his sci-fi action-adventure strip: "The Adventures of Joe Galaxy" for, Odyssey Magazine--a popular, monthly science magazine for teens. Yearning for complete creative control over his creation, he retired the strip in 1994 to pursue other avenues of creative media. By 1996 he had discovered his dream... to create a make-believe, hundred-year-old, transnational corporation called Holistic Forge Works complete with an eccentric founder, Fronzel Neekburn. Holistic Forge Works which began as a fake company to rival the early online presence of real companies has since evolved into a personification of its non-fictional creator. Ryan is currently a full-time web designer and part-time cartoonist for hire living in Tacoma with his artist girlfriend.

Tacoma Web Design

When I was a boy, I dreamed of many different things. On one such winter's dream I was visited by three ghosts. The first ghost being the Ghost of Superior Web Design which spake: "You will learn and grow and become the best web designer in all the lands of Tacoma. Others will envy you. Some will try and tarnish you with temptation. Keep thy faith in Web Standards. Keep thy faith in XHTML and you shall forever live in prosperity!"