Works in Progress

January 9, 2003

Finally have some more pictures posted on the FO page. I also have a picture of one of the felted fish, pre-felted.

I've finished the shawl and am working on a Constant Companion felted bag and a pair of gloves for myself.

December 18, 2002

I haven't checked in much lately, but I've been knitting here and there. After a disappointing mistake in the edging on the Meadow Flowers Shawl, I had pretty much put it away for a couple months. I had to frog nearly the entire top edge in September, but I finished the top edging and rounded the corner on one side. I have a felted fish to felt and stuff, another two to make entirely, and a seam to sew up on my sleeveless top from this summer, then I will get back to my shawl. I'll post some more pictures as soon as I have them.

July 5, 2002

Well, yesterday we celebrated our independence by taking the ferry into Seattle with the boys. Since we have to drive up to Bremerton to take the ferry and then have 30-45 minutes on the ferry, I brought my Meadow Flowers Shawl to work on. I was able to finish two and a half repeats of the pattern on our way there and back, even having the boys there, because Rich pretty much took over with the kids so I could have knitting time. Today, I started a baby vest in black and red cotton. It should be quick and will either go to Elijah, or will be a stock gift for a newborn. It is an easy pattern knit in one piece, with just the shoulders to sew up. So much for sticking to projects I have at hand. This is a sickness, startitis has taken hold. After I get my current projects finished, I will be changing my allowable number of projects. I think I'll go to two major projects at a time, plus one hat at a time, one charity item at a time and a pair of adult socks or two pairs of children's socks a month. We'll see if I can stick to that.

July 3, 2002

Mid-year check in:

1. Bath Mitt for Nora - Dark Heather Cotton Classic (Jan 1)
2. Star for Meolas - Knit-Cro-Sheen (Jan 4)
3. Ladybug Purse for Kayla - Cotton from Kit (Jan 4)
4. Helmet for Alexander - Imagine (Jan 5)
5. Star for Kathy - Knit-Cro-Sheen (Jan 8)
6. Hat with Firenze Trim for Me - Firenze & Cascade 220 (Jan 10)
7. Baby Hat for Nancy - Red Cotton Fleece & Natural Cotton Classic (Jan 13)
8. Baby Hat for Nancy - Blue Cotton Gin (Jan 14)
9. Baby Hat for Nancy - Acacia, Show, Cotton Gin (Jan 14)
10. Preemie Bonnet for Nancy - Microspun (Jan 14)
11. Pentagon Teacosy for Lisa - Utopia Green, Blue & White (Jan 18)
12. Star for Alexander -Knit-Cro-Sheen (Jan 22)
13. Baby Hat for Nancy -Natural Cotton Classic (Jan 23)
14. Baby Hat for Nancy - Dark Heather Cotton Classic (Jan 27)
15. Sunflower Blossom Hat for Jamie - Green, Yellow & Brown Wool Ease (Jan 27)
16. Baby Hat for Nancy - Green Wool Ease (Jan 28)
17. Baby Hat for Nancy - Blue Utopia (Jan 29)
18. Star for Dominic - Knit-Cro-Sheen (Jan 31)
19. Angel Lace Baby Cap for Nancy - Dark Heather Cotton Classic (Feb 3)
20. Top Down Baby Hat with Earflaps for Elijah - Peacock Blue Touch Me (Feb 6)
21. Roll Brim Hat for Donna - Grape For Classic (Feb 28)
22. Baby Hat for Nancy - Peacock Blue Touch Me (Mar 1)
23. Daisy Blossom Hat for Kayla - Blue, White & Yellow Wool Ease (Mar 9)
24. Prairie Baby Blanket for Elijah - Blue Galway (Apr 10)
25. Garter Stitch Slippers for Wyatt - Diamante (May 26)
26. Blue Mohair Tank for Mom - Frivoli (Jun 1)
27. Charcoal Baby Bonnet for Elijah - Diamante (Jun 11)
28. Chenille Washcloth for Rich - Cream Cotton Chenille (Jun 12)
29. Bonnet for Friend's Baby - Cream & Heather Cotton Classic (Jun 29)

I'm still sewing up the slippers. I ripped out and started over twice on the first one, so I haven't even started the second one yet. I've promised myself not to knit anymore until I finish this, so I have to get going.

June 23, 2002

I'm currently working on four lace projects and a really simple bulky sleeveless top. Two of those lace projects are pretty simple; I'm doing a stole from _Vogue Knitting on the Go Vintage Knits_ in an easy two row repeat pattern and the Meadow Flowers Shawl from _Knitter's Stash_.

I'm actually using the recommended yarn on the stole, though in a different colorway, Lion Brand Imagine, that I got on clearance. The yarn is a really interesting mix of reds, plums, greys and black. On the Meadow Flowers Shawl, I pulled out some fingering weight handspun silk in variegated blues that I bought on ebay last year. It had been ripening in the stash waiting for the right project.

I'm doing another fairly simple project, the Diagonal Lace Scarf put out by Karabella yarns, but it is done with laceweight mohair/silk, so it takes a little more concentration on my end, as I can't just tink back easily if I make a mistake, which I can do while knitting with toddlers.

The real tough one, though, is a 2-ply laceweight baptismal gown for my youngest son. It was intended for our middle child, but I never finished in time. If I can get it done, it will be gorgeous. The pattern is an old one from Patons that has been republished, with scalloped lace edgings along the bottom, tons of lace in the skirt and a small bodice of stockinette. If I don't get it finished in time, I guess I will give it to the first grandchild born to our family. Deadline on this is December. Wish me luck!

Other than that, I have a couple simple projects that I don't usually count in my five WIP maximum. I'm making a mop cover for my Clorox Mop System based on a pattern by Ruth, a listmom on the knitlist. I'm also finishing up a baby bonnet from _Minnowknits, Too_ for a friend who is expecting.

This is the first heel I ever turned, in November of 2001. I made these socks for Rich for his St. Nicholas gift.

Above is a larger view of the first sock almost finished. These are the Dream Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, using Fixation yarn.