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Rich, Ranee, Alexander and Dominic are thrilled to introduce our newest family member, Elijah. For the story of his extraordinary initiation to the world, click here. We are so grateful to the Lord for his continued healing, and especially to all of the faithful pray-ers at St. John's Episcopal church, Gig Harbor, Church of the Holy Spirit, Tulsa, St. Matthew's, Eugene and all of the other churches and individuals too numerous to name here. We couldn't have gotten through such a trying time without your support.

This is sort of a jumping point to all of our various interests and activities. If you want to e-mail us to tell us how great our page is, or to make corrections, please do. Please remember that this entire website is under _lots_ of construction.

Photo Album (in dire need of updating).
Rich's Aviation Links.
Saudi Chef - Ranee's Recipe Page.
Arabian Knits

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